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Coats Custom Software is a custom business software and web design company. We work with businesses that need software solutions but cannot seem to find anything on the market to meet their needs. Everything either does too much, or too little, or simply costs far too much. We provide web site design services and build business software designed specifically for your business that will do exactly what you need it to do and nothing more! That is why we say:

Everything you need & Nothing you don't!

Our low overhead model allows us to keep costs down so that we can deliver a state-of-the-art product for a fraction of what the large firms would charge. This makes us ideal for smaller businesses that don't have multi-million dollar IT bugets or in house programming teams. We can work with you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible on your budget and to provide capabilities you thought were out of your grasp.

Our programmers have developed software for businesses of every size from small, single location offices, to regional franchised companies to Fortune 500 firms. We have experience with several different industries from manufacturing to agriculture to banking to retail. Whatever your business, we can help!

We would love the chance to discuss your individual situation and help you design the software system of your dreams!

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